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Owning an Aquarium is Good for Your Health

Posted by Diamond Aquatics in Aquarium Tips

Over the last 30 years it has become evident that keeping an aquarium may actually be good for your health. Most hobbyists will tell you their custom aquarium is an “escape” from the monotony of their daily routines. What these hobbyists are telling you is, their aquariums help to reduce their stress levels. Research shows that watching an aquarium is proven to lower blood pressure. It is believed that the random movements of fish have a similar affect as hypnosis on the human brain.

Not only does fish-keeping reduce stress, but it may also save your life! Or, at least, prolong it. Since the hobby is proven to reduce blood pressure, another study was done using people who have suffered heart attacks. This study showed a reduced risk of future attacks for those people who kept aquariums in comparison to those who did not. For some hobbyists, the aquarium maintenance process is an enjoyable, stress-relieving aspect of the hobby.

Yet another study observed Alzheimer’s patients in assisted living environments. Patients exposed to an aquarium on a routine basis showed improvements in attention span, a greater desire to eat and a decrease in aggressive outbursts. Patients who were normally lethargic and antisocial became more active and began engaging with others more frequently. The increased attention span is believed to have aided in improved eating habits. Patients would stay in dining rooms with aquariums longer and therefore eat more food. This has a cost savings effect for the facilities as well. Patients who eat more food require less nutritional supplements. Nutritional supplements are more costly than real food so by reducing the requirement of the supplements, the facility will reduce the cost of feeding its patients. Real food is also more nutritionally valuable so the patients will benefit from this as well.

The aquarium hobby is one that fills its participants with joy. Most hobbyists are not even aware of the underlying benefits they are receiving from their aquatic companions. For more information about the benefits of owning an aquarium, contact Diamond Aquatics for a free consultation.

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3 Responses

  • Your site makes me so happy! YOU make me destress!

  • Abhishek says:

    I have recently purchased an Aquarium and agree with what you say. Due to work & personal family pressure I used to be on the computer every evening searching for solutions for my work related problems. Though it helped but it didn’t give me peace of mind. I was getting aggressive day-by-day.

    Now that the aquarium has arrived I feel relaxed watching the fishes swin, play with each other and come to me whenever I poke my nose on the aquarium glass.

    Though I’ve shelled a hefty sum to buy top end products for my aquarium its worth the money as I spend my evening with my family in the living room rather sitting alone on the computer in my room.

    Now am planning to start a regular exercise routine in the morning. Though work has taken a minute backseat but it doesn’t matter as I’m enjoying my personal time at home. Work will be back on track after a few days though but it’s really destressing to have an aquarium or a pet at home.