Our Story

Back in the 80’s, my Dad kept an aquarium that constantly amazed me.

While other kids played Nintendo, I spent time sitting and staring at the fish. (Okay, I may have played my Nintendo a little bit too.)

Nick Diamond | Diamond Aquatics

When I turned 10, he helped me build a basic 10-gallon tank with bright blue gravel, faux plants, and a filter that hung off the back.

This fueled what became my life-long obsession for researching every variety of fish known to science. 

And, recreating actual aquatic habitats from around the world in the aquariums I kept through the years. (Aquarium nerd alert!)

It’s a good thing I stuck with it – because, as a starving college kid, I easily got jobs in the fish rooms of local pet stores and swiftly moved up through management at an actual aquarium store. 

As a young adult, I even had the opportunity to train under marine biologists for over 6 years. 

aquarium maintenance room

Fast forward to today – I’m proud to own and operate my own thriving aquarium business (since 2008). 

I still have an undying passion after being immersed for over 32 years—as both a hobbyist and MAC-certified (Marine Aquarium Council) industry professional. 

I started Diamond Aquatics after experiencing first-hand the way other companies in the industry treated animals—and clients—poorly, without compassion or the right education. 

And they were charging people for this!

Here’s what I ultimately know:

1- Fish and other aquatic life are delicate creatures that will always need attention and ongoing care. Doing this effectively can extend the longevity of your animals and have a positive environmental impact on the world’s oceans, lakes, and rivers.

2- You deserve knowledgeable and reliable technicians to build and maintain your aquarium in order to avoid catastrophes—and to do so without cutting corners. In fact, the rate of success in your aquarium is directly related to the knowledge you can gain from your service provider about how aquariums work.

Our mission at Diamond Aquatics is to help preserve aquatic habitats around the world through client education and responsible design, installation, and service of sustainable aquariums.

We create aquarium systems that give the animals a safe environment and healthy lifespan, and we strive to exceed your expectations with our services.

Because happy fish = happy people.


Are you ready for your own aquarium? We’d love to help you build one you’ll be constantly amazed by too.