Great Small Fish for Planted Custom Aquariums

Botias are a family of fish, many of which eat snails, so they can be very helpful in planted aquariums where snail infestations can become overwhelming and difficult to manage.

This particular species is called Ambastaia sidthimunki (also Botia sidthimunki). It has several common aliases including dwarf loach, pygmy loach, and chain loach. They can be found naturally in Thailand and are very peaceful.

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Sidthimunki botia

A. sidthimunki are great snail eaters and only grow to about 2.5 in. (6 cm.) so they are well suited for aquariums under 75 gallons.

When keeping A. sidthimunki, be sure to decorate your aquarium with plenty of rocks or wood to create small hiding places to provide security for these small fish.

They are a social fish which do well in groups and it is best to keep them with other species that are small and peaceful.

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